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ISBN# 9780345505873/9780345505873
February 24, 2009
Del Rey/Random House Publishing Group
$6.99 US
336 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Abra lives in Manhattan with her husband, Hunter, whom she barely ever sees, and often wonders why they are still married. She works at the Animal Medical Institute with the hope of becoming a veterinarian. But her semi-boring life is soon to be turned upside down by a whole other world that comes crashing in.

Hunter is Abra’s husband. He is laid back and wants his space. He always seems to hold Abra at arm’s length and he is never a faithful husband. He has recently returned from a trip to study werewolves and has immersed himself within their culture. But coming back to Abra is another thing; he truly cannot see himself in this marriage without suffocating.

With Hunter’s newfound “life”, Abra gives up all she knows to follow him to his parent’s estate where he feels he can be free. She is hoping to turn the marriage around. But then strange things start to happen and she meets Red. With everything that is happening, can Abra believe it, or is this just not real?

The Better to Hold You is a relatively good book. It has characters you can relate to and a plot with a great concept. Only, sometimes I felt lost in which way it was going. I also found the information about werewolves a bit confusing, but since I am unfamiliar with them I am sure that is more my problem than the author's. Overall, I would say if you enjoy werewolves and/or shape shifters, you will probably enjoy this. Otherwise, I recommend using your own judgment.

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