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A Faith Fairchild Mystery

Book 1 -The Body in the Belfry
Book 2 -The Body in the Kelp
Book 3 - The Body in the Bouillon
Book 4 -The Body in the Vestibule
Book 5 -The Body in the Cast
Book 6-The Body in the Basement
Book 7 -The Body in the Bog
Book 8 - The Body in the Fjord
Book 9 - The Body in the Bookcase
Book 10 - The Body in the Big Apple
Book 11 - The Body in the Moonlight
Book 12 - The Body in the Bonfire
Book 13 - The Body in the Lighthouse
Book 14 - The Body in the Attic
Book 15- The Body in the Snowdrift
Book 16 - The Body in the Ivy
Book 17 -The Body in the Gallery
Book 18 - The body in the Gazebo
Book 20: The Body in the Boudoir

ISBN# (10) 0-06-076365-5/(13)978-0-06-076365-5
November 2006
William Morrow
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
246 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Faith Fairchild, caterer and sometime sleuth, has been hired by a famous but reclusive author to cook for a group of Pelham College alumnae at a remote yet luxurious island retreat. As time goes on, she wonders if she was hired more as an investigator or a cook.

Barbara Bailey Bishop is a very popular author and recluse. She is also Elaine Prince, former Pelham College student. She is sure one of the women she invited to the island is responsible for the death of her twin sister Prin. She hopes Faith will help her find out which one.

In 1970, Prin apparently jumped off the Tower on the campus of Pelham College. Her sister is sure that she was pushed. Prin, a beautiful but manipulative and selfish woman, had many enemies and ruined many lives. There is quite a choice of suspects.

I loved this homage to Ten Little Indians and Ms. Page has definitely put her own spin on things. Prin was a thoroughly unpleasant character and really deserved her fate before she caused more havoc on the world, but naturally her sister feels otherwise. I really felt sorry for these women who never quite reached their full potential despite their success. Some have overcome their disastrous friendship with Prin to some extent, but her presence is still felt almost forty years after her death. I really felt sorry for them all, even the murderer. Indian Island is the perfect setting for this almost locked room mystery and Faith works her usual magic in solving the crime, even without Pix and her husband’s assistance. In the end, Elaine has her answers and the reader gets a great read, probably the best in this long running series.

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