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ISBN# (10) 08034988136 and (13) 9780803498136
March 2007
160 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016
215 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Renata Moon needs to find a way to save her non-profit organization, Majestic Health Contractors. Renata finds it hard to believe that one simple circular saw accident, on the job, warrants such a frivolous law suit, but thanks to the accident that led the injured man to stay home and chat online to some gal, leading to the breakup in his marriage, they are being sued by the guy’s ex-wife. Yet one little power tool incident has created money chaos for Renata. She has to find a way to save the organization. To further complicate her life, her boyfriend has left with another woman. How unlucky can one girl get in one morning? After hearing about a reality game show that will pay newlyweds a million dollars to spend a month in the South Pacific, she feels she may have found her answer. First she needs a husband.

Connell MacAllister was commissioned by Renata to do some construction work. He wants to offer help, but he has his own problems, until she approaches about becoming her husband. He wonders, can he accept the role?

With a balloon payment hanging over their head at the end of the month, and no bank financing them with the lawsuit, Connell knows they have a problem. Even his contracting firm is mortgaged to the hilt, so he has no way to help Renata. With only one option she can see, Renata chooses to go with the newlywed reality show as soon as she finds a potential husband. Connell feels their chances would be better at a casino. The more Renata pleads with those sweet eyes, he reluctantly agrees. Neither had any idea the challenges they would have to go through to test their marriage levels while being handcuffed together. The money part was important for the organization but their deepening love proves to be priceless.

The Bonds of Matri-money is an enchanting page-turner that this reader found most enjoyable. The fascinating characters weave an interesting humorous story that captivates immediately. Renata and Connell have a passion that simmers and allows the reader to be touched and become a part of their life. My heart went out to Renata as she tries to find ways to come up with money to help her worth-while organization. Each time she spoke of Connell, the love could be felt. Gina Ardito fashions a moving read where this reader could experience the bumpy ride, with the adventure, all the way to the tents. I laughed, I cried, I fell in love with the romantic couple. Ms. Ardito allows the reader to feel the sensations, while grasping hold of the characters and never letting go, in this extraordinary tale.

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