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ISBN #9781419912009
July 20, 2007
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
173 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Haylie Bond had finally reached her destination, Eurus. She was the new security chief, a position that she had worked her whole life to achieve. Suddenly her body was humming and it had nothing to do with the excitement of starting her new job.

Ambassador Kamran was the negotiator for the Briel on Eurus. He took his role as a diplomat very seriously and was a key figure in the treaty talks with the Ecada aliens. One look at the new security chief and all of his professionalism was non-existent.

Haylie was not quite sure what was happening to her. She had an overwhelming attraction to the Briel Ambassador that felt like nothing she had ever experienced. She could literally feel his touch with just a look. Kamran knew nothing like this had ever happened to a Briel before. The bonding that was taking place between himself and a human should not be possible, but it was. It took every once of strength he had not let his feelings show to anyone but Haylie. The bond that quickly developed between them was both scary and intensely erotic. They tried to come to terms with their unprecedented attraction while unraveling the mysterious problems plaguing the community. Someone or something was invading their dreams and it had a very sinister motive. Kamran and Haylie knew they had to stop the threat before it destroyed the colony and any chance they might have of being together.

This story will keep you captivated from the very first page. Haylie’s first steps onto Eurus begin a journey that only intensifies as it goes along. She may not know what to expect but with her intelligence and strong will she takes charge. Kamran may be an alien but he is very much a man. Even knowing his position as the ambassador is at stake he does not deny his attraction to Haylie. They revel in each other’s sexuality and use the bond that forms between them to take down a killer. Each encounter is more passionate than the one before and will leave you breathless in the end. Ms. d'Abo definitely knows her stuff (lucky husband)!

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