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ISBN #978-0-352-34512-7
April 2009
Black Lace
1745 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010
Trade Paperback
254 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Poppy is a new student at Oxford. She is ambitious and determined to make a career in politics. She is sexually adventurous as well.

Stephen is also a student at Oxford. He is a product of a public school and is more than friends with Giles Lancaster, a very charismatic though arrogant fellow student.

Poppy is having a very eventful first year in college. She has a handsome and randy new boyfriend and is fascinated with her beautiful neighbor and her handsome older man and their unique relationship. Oxford is another world to her and some of the things she discovers are a bit unsettling.

Though the author writes extremely vivid sex scenes and there is a small advisory in the front of the book, I was turned off by Poppy’s total disregard for any sort of safe sex. Given the type of people she associates with and their sexual practices, I found this more than a bit irresponsible. That aside, readers who seek to be titillated by a wide variety of inventive and vividly described sexual encounters will not be disappointed by this book. The author has a great gift for description and applies it well in this book. The reader should be aware that there are scenes of same sex encounters, BDSM, spanking, group sex, and anal sex.

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