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ISBN: 9781921347764
December 11, 2008
The Dark Castle Lords Publications
289 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The life of Princess Tarabenthia (known as Tia to her friends) has been turned upside down since her beloved’s death. After being beaten and starved, she is rescued by Prince Hilgi of Havacia and taken to his land to await her children. While anticipating her children’s arrival, Tia becomes aware of plans for her new marriage.

Prince Hilgi knows that Tia is grieving for the man she loved. But times are harsh, and he finds himself extremely attracted to the sensual woman. After they are married, Hilgi begets two sons on his wife. Suddenly, Hilgi’s life is terminated by a horrible sickness and the people of Havacia, who to this point only tolerated her, measure Tia and find her lacking.

Wanting to grieve yet again for all she has lost, Tia must still the anguish and tears and become the queen her people need her to be. However, her plans to protect Havacia backfire when the people see her as a woman not saddened by the loss of their newly appointed King. Whispers of conspiracy, poison, and murder follow Tia as she searches for who she is. Struggling to be the woman she wants to be instead of what is expected, the queen starts to make decisions solely on what she wants and what is good for her. Will her people come to love her for who she is or will she become barred from the lands and her children, never to see them again?

Heart of the Earth is a very touching story and made me cry more than once. Ms. Newman has written an epic novel of immeasurable proportions that has so many different factors in it, you will not know what to think. The only hang-up I had is that at times there is mention of past stories, things I could not understand because I did not read the first novel. The way I saw Tia struggle to fit in and at times rebel was so heartbreaking for me; she just wanted to belong. The way her character is portrayed as this brave woman fighting for her own freedom as well as that of her lands was such a beautiful picture of what one woman will go through for her children and people who don’t appreciate who she is. The tale has a span of many years, and we get to see Tia go from a headstrong unwilling bride, to a loving mother, a scorned woman, a strong woman, a resented mother, and finally a contented woman; this story is definitely a roller coaster ride full of emotional highs and lows that will have any reader saying, “You go girl!”

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