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ISBN# 978-0-06-082550-8
March 2008
Harper (an Imprint of Harper Collins)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
338 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Ed Loy decides to return to Dublin after twenty years in L.A. The ex-cop turned private investigator is on the search for a missing teenage daughter that proves to hold some good many secrets.

Doctor Shane Howard, a highly respected dentist, calls upon Ed to search for his missing daughter after being blackmailed. He cannot believe someone has pictures of his daughter posing in some unlikely positions.

When Shane calls upon Ed to search for his nineteen year-old-daughter, Emily, it appears the culprit wants fifty grand or pictures of Emily will go live on the internet. As a private investigator, Ed knows sometimes if a person does not wish to be found, they have a good way of hiding, whether they are really kidnapped or not. After speaking to Shane, Ed wonders if perhaps Emily wanted to just be on her on, and grew tired of being looked after. Perhaps she just wanted to look after herself and staged the kidnapping? Even when Ed speaks to Emily’s mother, she believes her husband treats their daughter too much like a child. Things take a spin for the worse when Ed stumbles not only upon Emily, but the ex-boyfriend, who just happens to turn up dead. Ed has his plate full trying to find answers that seem to change at every turn.

The Color of Blood definitely kept this reader guessing all the way through the book. I was on the edge-of-the-seat with all the twists and turns, not to mention when I got to the tail end of the book almost in shock with this breathtaking read. I liked how Ed keeps in touch with his ex-wife and child. He still emits feelings even though he is a determined private eye trying to get the job done. I liked all the players in the book that come alive as the mystery unfolds. Declan Hughes is an excellent artist that crafts a well-written thriller who pulls out all the right stops to keep this reader entertained.

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