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ISBN# 0-7582-1528-2
August 1, 2006
Kensington Publishing
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
$12.95 U.S./$17.95 Canada
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Wild Ride

Jordan Shore, a rancher’s daughter, thought Cougar Lighthouse was the best thing since sliced bread. She would love one of those thrilling eight-second rides with him.

Jordan Shore has a desire to face her fears. Rampage was a name well suited for the bull that injured her leg. With the memory still fresh, she decides the only way to erase the awful past is to confront the bull himself. First she has to confront the man who left heat sizzling through her flesh and the way things are flaming, the bull just might be tamer than Cougar Lighthouse.

From the rousing charge of the heated bulls, to the adrenaline rush of the rodeo rider, Vonna Harper fashions a story that centers the reader right in the ring. This reader was on pins and needles when Jordan faced Rampage. For an exhilarating ride with emotions that rip, Wild Ride is one enjoyable invigorating read.

Cowboy in Paradise

At thirty-two, Tyler Last desires no more rodeo circuit life. Not getting any younger, he wants a different direction. Putting the lasso away, he chooses no more chasing steer or women for him. That was before he got a glimpse of Meg Holder.

After Tyler heads home to his grandmother’s at Paradise Cove, he quickly learns his grandmother has remarried, and gone into a business with a sleaze ball that wants to make a beachfront property to suit his purposes. He is certain his grandmother knows nothing about the shady shenanigans, but the one grim reaper on the beach knows much about the progress and not only does she plan to keep her identity a secret, she will not even give Tyler her name.

Cowboy in Paradise spins with toasty, crisp dialogue, interesting characters, and a grandmother that even turns Tyler’s face a beet red. Meg is refreshing and the little games she and Tyler match against each other are tantalizing delicious. PJ Mellor pens an absolute well-written fun winner that this reader found quite satisfying.

Saddle Sore

Dean McCabe, an Arizona rancher, refuses anyone meddling in his work. After Cassandra Darling, a conservationist, who is also an enticing dish, comes to the valley to save the Mexican Gray Wolf, sparks fly and not only on over the wolves.

Dean is tired of losing livestock. Something is killing them and many blame the wolves. Cassandra arrives in the rip-roaring town of Granite Hollow to work for the safety of the wolves. After the government receives over thirty thousand acres of land, the Fish and Wildlife Commission sees a safe place to house the wolves. Unfortunately everyone in the area does not meet Cassandra’s mission with joy. Dean sees the cupie doll, they sent, as an enemy but the more they become involved with the situation, the more their feelings begin to shift.

Saddle Sore is a captivating read with much meaning. Ms. Donovan’s inspiring tale not only shows the tender emotion of a couple that reaches out to each other but the safety and love for the many wolves that need their own wide open space.

Rodeo Man

Anna Hartley immediately receives her walking papers, with severance pay, not to mention a phone call from her boyfriend breaking up because she will not commit. Then he mentions he is with another woman at the time but he still loves her. Surely, she did not hear him right. Oh, and her boss insists she send the last spa story by email so loose ends can be completed. Could the day get any worse? She sets out to Wyoming on her own assignment. After entering a state park only to damage her car, tall, dark and rugged comes by to her rescue, just when she thought her day was going to the dogs.

Anna never imagined a trip to Wyoming would be so breathtaking. After meeting Grant Olsen, a champion rodeo rider, she finds him charming but probably married with a ranch and ten kids to boot. Of course Grant wonders the same about her. When they finally make a connection, fireworks spark leaving Anna questioning can an L.A. magazine writer hang up her high heels for a home in the west with a sexy cowboy?

Rodeo Man was a story that had this reader edgy with excitement wondering the decision of Anna. This read is captivating and lip-smacking good. Ms. Alton instills believable characters in a tale that mesmerizes.

The Cowboy is an assortment of four stories that will quench any woman’s thirst. The landscape, the settings, along with the characters gives these stories breath with every flip of the page. This reader found each tale remarkably well crafted and most gratifying.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books