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ISBN# 978-1-4199-0811-8
January 2007
Cerridwen Press
Price: $6.49
249 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Society knows Christopher Saint as an eligible bachelor and indolent playboy, but to the underworld, he is Tiger, the master cat burglar.

Gabriella Bell, Gabby, independent reporter always finds a way to get her story. When a green crystal globe pulls her towards its realm, she must have it no matter what the cost.

Christopher knew nothing about Gabby’s reporting career when he traced her background. He needed to learn the whereabouts of the green crystal. The orb had been stolen and only those that were in direct line would ever be able to contain the magic that was inside. After learning that Gabby has purchased it for five hundred dollars, he goes after the globe, never realizing it would bring them together. Impulse drove Gabby to the globe. The enigmatic surroundings drew her in like a magnet. She feels the globe is intended for her alone. After meeting Christopher, Gabby knows he is the mysterious man belonging to the globe and she needs answers as to why he is tied up with the globe. As the two try to unearth answers to the mystery, a heated passion blooms between them.

The Crystal is a romantic story that unfolds beautifully between Gabby and Christopher. The heat intensifies the closer they become involved with the other. The dialogue keeps the story flowing consistently and has the reader flipping the pages. Gabby and Christopher are not only refreshing characters but likeable ones that the reader can easily identify with in their situation. Sandra Cox pens an extraordinary story that leaps from the pages, giving this reader goose bumps. With the addition of the secondary characters, along with some suspense and heated passion, this brilliant caper deserves a 5-cup rating.

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