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ISBN# 9780979572166
November 2007
Resplendence Publishing, LLC
295 Pages
Time-Travel Romance/Paranormal Elements, Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Jack Porter will stop at nothing to find Edward Teach, known as Blackbeard. Teach kidnapped his wife, Hannah, and Jack wants her back.

Hannah Claire Winslow has received strange visions ever since arriving at the Outer Banks. A mystery man enters her dreams and almost takes over her body.

Jack’s search for his wife leads him to the pirate’s vessel. Teach is a scandalous pirate who holds ill respect for women. Jack has always been a simple man loving to fish, hunt and love his wife, but if necessary he will commit murder to get her back. When Teach stole Hannah, it changed Jack but one thing Jack never imagined was the inevitable happening. Claire continues to have dreams of a man coming to her, and calling her Hannah then disappears. For months the visions have haunted her and she has no idea if the man even exists. Some say the ghost of Jack wanders seeking his dead wife, but Claire thinks it is nonsense until the night of the blue moon and a storm. Jack has no idea if it is magic or witchcraft bringing him to Claire but after she sees him, she realizes her fantasies have become very real.

The Curse is one fast-paced book that is definitely a page-turner. I could not help but feel empathy for Jack and his grief in his search. He was humble, strong, and just emitted a myriad of emotions that the reader could not help but share in his feelings. This is a very intriguing story to say the least. The moments of Claire and Jack together are awesome. Maddie James creates an astounding read that held me captivated to the end. This is a series of books that I am most anxious to read and add to my bookshelf.

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