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ISBN# Unavailable
April 15, 2008
Dark Roast Press
179 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Noah Ravenswood inherits a bookstore from his mother, along with her side job in the occult business. He does whatever it takes to rid anyone with an evil carnal force. That is how he met Sarah.

Sarah Ann Bookings was trying to get her degree when she went to Noah to free her from a nagging incubus. She was then hired to run his bookstore and helps to keep his books intact.

Noah remembers when Sarah came to him. She was young, sheltered from a cruel world by her loving parents. Sarah thought he was rude and needed to practice on his manners. He believes in being a realist and not brow-beating the truth. After she got her CSU degree, she started working with him at Ravenswood’s Books and Artifacts. Noah receives an invite from the Baron Albrecht Estates. He needs Noah to come and remove the hex on his daughter, Elsa. It seems the females in his family are cursed when they turn twenty. The Baron hopes Noah can help. With Sarah in tow, Noah and Sarah embark on a journey that not only takes them to a terrible curse but a side of passion that opens many doors that can end up deadly.

The Curse of Albrecht Manor takes the reader into a wide-span of heated events in the occult with demons that do not wish to be dismissed by any means. Sarah and Noah are characters quite diverse in their traits. I think that is what made this story most appealing, the way they are different. The curse with the Barons’ females was indeed a theme in itself leaving the reader captivated. Christopher Newman pens a fascinating tale, almost bursting in flames. I am curious as to see how far the series will indeed take the reader.

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