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ISBN# 978979262906
March 2007
Tiger Publications
P.O. Box 74, Lemont, IL 60439
Trade Paperback
$ 10.99
128 pages
Contemporary Romance/Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Connor Wolfe has been left behind again. After a bust went wrong and the other officers he was with died, he knows his life is not complete. He must return to Ireland for his own piece of mind and find out if he is truly Connor Wolfe or the lost little boy, Niall Malone.

Daligherat O'Dea has prayed for years for his return and Connor has finally come home. She needs him to keep her brother safe and get him out of the faction he has joined and definitely out from under Connor's birth father. She does what she can to help him and gives him her love unconditionally. Will it be enough to save them both?

As soon as Connor arrives in Ireland, he looks up the one man he hopes can help him, Mick, and begins a journey he will not soon forget. He spends his time between both Di and Mick, but it is Mick that puts him in touch with his birth father, Barra. When he learns that Di's brother is working for his Barra, Connor makes a deal, Di's brother kicked out and anything he wants from Connor. He does not realize just what that means until it is too late and he must find a way to save Di.

A story of convictions that run deeply through many hearts and one that will leave tears in your eyes. The feelings that the characters show are strong and full of passion. This book gives us an in depth look into the lives of the people affected by violence and tragedy. Ms. St. James has done an outstanding job with the subject and the characters. I was deeply touched by this work and am sure that anyone who reads this will be as well.

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