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ISBN# (10) 0-7783-2520-2 / (13) 978-0-7783-2520-8
April 2007
Mira Books
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
379 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Archaeologist Leslie MacIntyre has barely survived an explosion that killed her fiancé. She is trying her best to cope with the loss of the man she loved. She also has gained an ability to see ghosts, a gift she does not wish to share with anyone except a few friends. She rejoins the dig in lower Manhattan, the place where the explosion happened. Only this time there is more danger and someone wants to keep secrets buried deep within the city.

Matt, Leslie’s fiancé, was a successful journalist that unfortunately was killed in the explosion at the historic Hastings House. Now, all he can do to keep Leslie from the danger is come to her in her dreams, try to warn her and trust Joe to keep her safe. Joe, a former cop turned PI, is Matt’s cousin and has been hired to find a young woman that has gone missing. He also believes that his cousin’s death was no accident. As he digs deeper, the danger becomes more intense. He needs to solve this case before someone else ends up dead.

Leslie and her friend and co worker Brad are excited about the digs; this is what they live for. But people are starting to question just how Leslie “finds” all the new discoveries. Danger is lurking at every corner when accidents start to happen to Leslie. Many are concerned about her but even with Matt’s help who can she trust enough to capture a killer.

Oh my goodness, what a book! I was sitting on the edge of my seat thru this whole book. I could not put it down until I finished the whole thing. Ms. Graham has written many twists and turns throughout the book to keep you guessing “who did it” until the very end. This is an exceptional story that transports you to another place to feel a part of the action. I would love to see a movie version of The Dead Room. This is a book you will not want to miss.

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