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ISBN# 1-4201-0478-0
March 2009
Mystic Moon Press
140 pages
Supernatural, Romance, Mystery
Rating: 3 Cups

Kanys Clay lives in the deep dim. Unfortunately, she is not willing to get out into the light, until Coel offers some friendly persuasion and pushes her to learn more.

Coel knows all too well about the seclusion in which Kanys lives. He wishes her to get out and see what she has been missing. If anything, she must see he is really a ghost.

Kanys prefers to live as a hermit, whereas Coel wishes her to see the world, if only for one night. After her mother told her about Mares, she wanted to stay secluded from everyone. Coel believes it might be best to start with baby steps. She is surprised to discover he is actually dead. He warns her not to be afraid because while on their journey to the bright electric lights, no one can see him except her. He will protect her every step of the way. Once she steps into the bright lights, things come to surface allowing her to understand better. As she ventures further, will the Mares be more of a disappointment to her or Coel? Can she unlock the reasoning as to what Coel wishes her to discover?

I have to admit The Deep Dim was a fascinating read. I found it uplifting and diverse from other stories. Christine Rains gives the readers vibrant characters, a story that flows well, and some interesting demons along the way. I love the robust sensations that Kanys, and especially Coel, bring into play in the story. There are some moments that were tender to this reader and I was saddened by them, but knew things had to happen for a reason. The way the story is composed, I think each person will probably be affected differently. It is one that I found entertaining.

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