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ISBN# 978-1-60504-355-5
January 27, 2009
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
145 Pages
Contemporary Romance/Western Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Samantha Jane Quincannon, Sam, tries to avoid the rodeo. It has been thirteen years since she was even in an arena. The news of Cody returning brings back troubling memories.

Cody ‘Ringo’ Shaw has not been at the Four Corners rodeo in two years. The ride will put him over the top and land him in the national standings. Unfortunately, the bull has other plans.

It has been thirteen years since Sam has seen Cody. Her world spiraled down with his rejection, along with her father’s death. Diving into her career as an EMT, she shuts out any painful memories until Cody returns. After Cody is hurt by the bull, the doctor asks Sam to watch over him. Sam is not too happy with the situation, but Cody has no one else. He is certainly not the easiest of patients. When Cody remembers Sam, it stirs old memories. Her mother thinks Sam should not be helping Cody, but Cody has other plans. Can Cody win Sam’s heart again, or will Sam refuse to open up her heart to love?

The Devil Inside is a delightful tale with two refreshing characters I grew to love. With crisp and snappy dialogue, Sam and Cody connect well, giving this reader the feeling of almost seeing the expression on their face every time they spoke or were together. The story moves at a good pace to keep the reader interested in the whole developing events. The addition of the mother, bringing a little friction into Sam’s life, blended in well with the storyline. Kate Davies spins a story that interacts with the reader and allows one to share in the fun and adventure Sam and Cody endure, while trying to see who will win the others heart first.

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