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ISBN# 978-1-59632-484-8
July 17, 2007
Loose Id LLC
133 pages
Multicultural Erotic Paranormal
Rating: 4 cups

Maxwell Sterling is a self-made millionaire who has everything he could ever want, except a true soul mate. However, there is a problem; he has a genetic anomaly, which happens to be called the devil gene, and must soul bond with someone who has an angel gene to balance it out. He has found that bond with Olivia. Now he needs to convince her they belong together. He was not expecting it to be so hard.

Olivia Watts left an abusive marriage and is now a hard working single mom. She has just taken on a new job hoping it will make a better future for her and her daughter. She also is very leery on men right about now, so when she meets Maxwell, things are so intense they scare her.

Maxwell tries many different ways to get Olivia's attention and to get her to commit to him, only they have not seemed to work and he is running out of time. Very few know of his situation and he relies on his cousin for help. Threats on Olivia and her daughter's lives abound while she is seeing Maxwell, so she chooses to save her daughter's life by leaving him. Only, apart they are both miserable. Can they stop the threats and be together to solve the gene problem?

The Devil's Plaything is an on the edge kind of story. Its intensity makes it very enjoyable. Both suspense and hot steamy sex are in this great story. Ms. Vaughn writes a story line that is very believable, even though it is not real. I enjoyed this couple very much and although I have not yet read the book preceding this one, I will now. Still, each book can stand alone.

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