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ISBN: (PB) 978-1-59315-529-2, (HC) 978-1-59315-543-8
April 2009
Vanguard Press, The Perseus Books Group
Paperback / Hard Cover
$12.95 / $19.95
224 Pages
Women’s Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

In the early 1950’s, in the small town of Emory, Elizabeth Harvey was the pick of the crop. Her beauty and poise turned many boys into babbling fools, but everyone knew she was Bob’s girl, and it was practically a given that they would marry.

Sarah and Emily are Elizabeth’s grown daughters. They have known their whole lives what a wonderful love affair their parents’ marriage was, but upon finding their mother’s diary, that belief has suddenly shifted.

Preparing for a parent’s death is never a pleasant experience, especially when you are forced to clean out the family home where so many wonderful memories reside. Sarah and Emily come across their mother’s diary during this process, and what they find shocks them to the core. Elizabeth reveals a love for a man that neither daughter has ever heard of, a love that neither can fathom. How could the woman they know, the one that loved their father to distraction, have had such strong feelings for someone else?

This is an amazing tale of discovery for anyone who believes they know their parents inside and out. The misconceptions and assumptions that we make about the two people who have known us our whole lives come to light in The Diary. Eileen Goudge articulates this emotional journey so poignantly that your tears and memories flow right along those of Emily and Sarah. I highly recommend this wonderful story, along with a tissue or two, and maybe a cup of tea with your mom, who may have some interesting stories to share.

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