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ISBN# (10): 0425224716/ (13): 978-0425224717
November 4, 2008
Berkeley Trade (Imprint of Penguin Group)
375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014-3658
304 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Carol Juan moved back to San Francisco after getting her MBA from Stanford. After her parents died in an auto accident, she lived with her grandmother, Ming Ue, who has an Asian restaurant. She has heard many strange happenings with dragons and mages, thanks to her grandmother, but never really believed them until she sees one in the alley.

Seth is a Fire Dragon that can be most powerful. He has been summoned by a Dragon Master. He is certain the lovely woman he meets in the restaurant’s alley called for him. Then again he could be wrong, since she does not even know his name.

Carol is smart with a good head for business, able to tackle anything but coming face to face to a red-haired man that sends heat through her, is an entirely different matter. After meeting Carol, Seth wonders how many others she has enslaved. Carol is shocked, she has enslaved no one. She does not appreciate him breaking into her home, and saying he is some fire dragon. Seth knows if another rival mage summoned him instead of Carol, then her life is in grave danger. She could even be slain. Someone as beautiful as her needs his protection. The more time he spends with her, the desire for her deepens. There has to be a reason why he was summoned, and until he finds out from whom, he must keep Carol safe, as sparks begin to heat between them.

The Dragon Master is a skillfully detailed read that this reader found delightful. I love the concept of the dragon, Seth, arriving to find Carol, then becoming attached to her. I could almost feel the sparks, myself, that shoot through them. They have some little witty moments where their expressions are just priceless. The blending of Ming Ue and Carol’s other friends, along with the assembly of the mages and dragons, made this read truly enjoyable. Allyson James mixes intrigue, spellbinding characters and some twist and turns to enhance this exciting page-turner. I thought the conversation between Carol and Seth was intact and really kept this reader tuned to the storyline. I was captivated by Seth and his feelings toward Carol in this beautiful story.

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