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ISBN# 978-0-9804263-8- 0
April 2008
Eternal Press
54 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 2 Cups

Kate Borrowdale is a terrain scout exploring a planet called Kratos searching for Psammeticum, ‘an elixir of energy for eons of future space flight’. Scattered deposits have been detected in the peaks of Kratos and a team of terrain scouts has been sent to explore the planet.

Jason Remington is also a terrain scout; one that Kate just happens to be in love with. There is only one problem - Jason is already married. Although the attraction appears to be mutual, the hostile terrain and Jason’s matrimonial bonds effectively keep these two apart.

A sudden storm throws Kate and Jason together, literally, when Kate tosses an unconscious Jason over a cliff and then follows him to escape from an avalanche. Will Kate be able to keep Jason alive as she struggles to survive on Kratos?

The Eleven-Hour Fall begins with an interesting, albeit slightly clichéd, premise. The search for a promising new energy source is fairly standard fare but it is a good beginning. Unfortunately, it starts to go downhill rather quickly from there. The characters are lacking in depth and fail to draw the reader in. The science fiction aspect is also weak, although it does begin to reveal some promise right at the end of the novella. Some of the scenes come across as highly improbable, further hindering enjoyment of this novella. In the end, The Eleven-Hour Fall fails to live up to its promise.

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