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ISBN# (13)9781605855042
May 2008
First Lambie Books
125 Oxford Road, Casselbery, FL 32730-2111
401 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Jewelle Dawson became successful as a business medical consultant. It has been seven years since her parent’s death, and never did she receive a word of praise or approval from her mother. Lately, she has been under the Federal Witness Protection Program.

Max Caldwell is a professional gambler, a wealthy jet setter. Not one who cares for commitments, he lives on the edge, until he meets Jewelle who seems to test his abilities. Paul works for a company with many large yachts. As a head pilot for a large corporation, he loves the windy city. He makes a decent living as a chief pilot.

Jewelle testified against a huge crime family, which landed her with the Federal Witness Protection Program. The turmoil had taxed her job, her life, and her complete being, so she decided to book a Mediterranean Cruise. It is there she meets new friends who have a way of touching her heart and forming a deep bond, especially Randy. After meeting Max and Paul, she feels a stronger connection. The more time they are together, the more it tugs at her heart. Everything goes well until she feels she is being followed. Is it for her protection, or is someone out to destroy her, as the cruise heads toward Monte Carlo?

The Exchange is a delightful story that emits love, and devotion among friends. Jewelle has been through so much, and I personally thought this learning experience made her stronger. I thought it was sad the way Randy was spoken to, or rather, cut down by her mother. I could definitely relate to Randy, and Jewell, and the way they had been treated growing up. There were times I shared in their pain. I was glad Randy could confide in Jewelle. It is terrible to have the kind of mother who makes you just want to scream, "leave me alone". Inga C. Ellzey has creatively sketched people and places that come to life within the pages. From secrets being unraveled, to learning one’s true identity, this story has many good points with which one can truly identify.

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