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Harper Collins
10 east 53rd St., New York, NY 10022-5299
386 Pages
Rating 4 Cups

Robbie Brownlaw is a good cop severely injured when thrown out a hotel window. His injuries left him with the ability to see people’s emotional words in different colored shapes. Now assigned to San Diego’s Homicide police division, he is working on a very interesting case.

Garrett Asplundh, an ex-cop who became an ethics investigator, tried to keep things on the up and up. However, he found corruption running rampant throughout the system. He uncovered and documented many of his findings before he was found dead and the mystery began.

Robbie and his partner McKensie Cortez begin to unravel the mystery behind Garrett’s death and what he uncovered in the local government. Further investigation into Garrett’s private life revealed personal tragedies that could explain why they question whether he was murdered, or if it was suicide.

This is a nail biting mystery. It kept me well entertained throughout the story. There is a ton of action and even more suspense. It has characters that are totally believable and three dimensional. The Fallen is definitely a book mystery lovers will enjoy reading.

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