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ISBN# (10)0-7582-1401-4/(13)978-0-7582-1401-0
June 26, 2007
Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
416 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Eva Fitzpatrick, born Eve, changed her name to Eva when she turned thirty. As senior vice president of a most elite agency in the Northeast, she is proud of her success. She has never been married, or is involved in any long-term relation, and at forty-two feels she is in the best shape.

Sophie Jimenez is an only child. In her freshman college year, she met Eve and John. She married Brad Holmes, a whiz in economics and math after graduation and Jacob, Jake, Michael Holmes was born.

John Alfredo Felitti has a commanding presence and thanks to daily workouts, he keeps fit. Just when personal relations are on the top of his thoughts, he receives a phone call from Sophie.

Over the past twenty years, Sophie has not really kept in touch with Eva and John, and now no longer married to Brad, she decides to give them a call and do some reminiscing. Eva and John are surprised to hear from Sophie but are glad to get together with her. John has been busy into his life as a lawyer, he has put the thoughts of marriage and a family on the backburner. In college he had a crush on Eva but never acted upon it. Now years later he wonders should he pursue her. Eva meets Sophie’s son, Jake, now twenty-one and sparks fly with Jake doing the chasing. When temptation drives them into the bedroom, it begins to bother her that Sophie might discover the truth about them. As the three share stories, Sophie learns how Eva had been in a relationship with Ben, whom she is seeing now. Eva does not wish to discuss Ben since it was a crushing effect to her heart when he left. Then again she knew it was never meant to be. When John invites Eva to dinner, one kiss later, they both feel something that was meant to be. All seems to be going well for the estranged friends until secrets of Jake and Eva focus and cast a light upon a friendship among friends that may sever for good.

The Friends We Keep is a reunion among friends that unlocks many secrets and revelations. Each character’s individualism makes this a worth-while read from beginning to end. With a consistent flow, the story allows the reader to feel the emotions of each character. The scene with Jake and Eva, when others saw them together, and made comments about the age difference, with an older woman, is true of how others often look at appearance. Holly Chamberlin captures the essence of friendships, betrayals, and even romance that often evokes more value in one’s later years. I found each story wonderfully crafted but with John holding a torch for Eva all those years, his story really came alive. This is one unique tale that should not be passed over.

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