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ISBN# (10)0-352-34202-1 (13)978-0-352-34202-7
December 4, 2008
Virgin Books (Black Lace) (The Random House Group Limited)
20 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 2SA
304 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Helen feels complete guilt after the death of her husband, Kenneth. She had been a novice when she went diving with him in the Caribbean. When she could no longer stay below, she resurfaced, only to end up losing her beloved.

Jeffrey always wanted to be an artist, but a conflict of interest with his father led him to taking up architecture instead. Soon after meeting Helen, he resolves to never let her out of his sight, hoping his persistence pays off.

After six months of feeling intense grief, Helen cannot get over her husband’s death. Her good friend, Millie thinks she should start dating again; it is time to release those negative feelings. Millie introduces Helen to Jeffrey, but Helen is not interested in any relationship. Jeffrey thinks otherwise since he has been in her shoes. She needs to be punished to get over her grief. Helen is shocked. How dare he force his attentions on her, yet she cannot push him away. Jeffrey has a way of inflicting irresistible punishments to her, trying to rid her of any guilt phase. Jeffrey knows she has unfulfilled fantasies he wishes to satisfy. He is determined to find a way to make Helen a permanent fixture in his life.

Wow what a ride, from feeling guilt to feeling pleasure, Helen is an ideal woman who suffers much, but inside, is like a bird trapped in a cage. I like how Jeffrey refuses to give up no matter what. This story starts off at a great pace and whirlwinds into tornado action once Jeffrey sets his sights on Helen. They both are dynamic characters reaching for the same gusto in life. Sarah Hope-Walker has created a hot read with realistic players. A story that is more than just burning lust, but learning about the inside of a person and the important component in life for happiness.

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