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ISBN# 1-933400-58-7
August 2006
Ladyaibell Press Publication
61 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Wilbur Smith loves country music and has a knack for creating songs. After discovering his wife Emily enjoying sex with his best friend, he learns facets about Emily he never knew.

Homer C. Carville has always been Wilbur’s life long friend, but when he takes a sexual turn with Emily, their lives spin a different tale. When Homer’s ex-wife, Connie, enters the picture, things really heat up for the friends.

Wilbur is dumbstruck when he sees Emily and Homer together. His loving wife, who can sing songs to make a grown man cry, is carrying on with Homer behind his back. Now she cannot get enough of sex; not only with Homer, but more with Wilbur, too. Homer believes his friendship with Wilbur has strengthened since the new developments. The three share not only an interest in sexual joys, but musical pleasure. And when Emily becomes pregnant, neither man knows the real father, nor does Emily. They begin to think of their musical abilities and look forward to the future. When Connie joins in the fun and becomes a part of the ménage trois with Wilbur and Homer, could things really get any better for the couples?

The Gold Plated Garbage Truck is a story loaded in erotic sex and some zany moments. I am serious, the moment I started reading, it was nail-splitting funny! The way the story is introduced by Wilbur is momentous throughout. I am still laughing trying to write this review! T.C. Allen creates a hilariously original, sidesplitting good read with, believe me, memorable characters that will not be forgotten in this interesting tale. I wish I could give it more than 5 cups! Truly astonishing, Mr. Allen! Thanks for making my day with this extraordinary read that this reader enjoyed.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books