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ISBN: 978-0-9800537-0-8
November 2007
Healing Stone Books
243 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Lt. Helen Andros is a skilled healer who has never known the identity of her father. When asked to look after a special patient, she accepts the assignment, not knowing what lies ahead. She has no clue that her very life could be at stake. Helen will have to rely on her inner strength to make it through. Will that be enough?

Lord James Mordecai is, for the most part, a strong man. He has his weaknesses like any other person and through it all he does his best with being Lord Protector of his country. James is a man of his word and looks out for the welfare of others. He holds a secret in his heart and wishes he knew the outcome.

There are rules to follow since Helen is a half-breed. She makes one mistake and becomes the target for the Temple of Kronos. She is not sure if she can get out of it so begins to accept her death even though it means she will never get to know her newfound parent. Helen is not sure what to make of all the events laid before her. Her mother saw so much more for her but will it ever be realized?

Ms. Talmadge created a world where rules are adhered to without exception. Helen truly wants to help people even though at times she is severely restricted by technology. Yet that does not seem to bother her one bit. She works hard to find ways she can do things naturally. The other characters are fun to watch. They deal with emotional issues that are dealt with today. I cannot wait to read the next installment of this series to see what happens to Helen and how she handles the surprises she finds in this book.

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