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ISBN#: (10)1420102427/(13)9781420102420
September 2, 2008
Zebra Books/Kensington Publishing Corp
850 Third Ave, 16th Floor New York, NY 10022
352 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating 4 Cups

Evelyn Godewin is running from a life she no longer wants. In hope of starting a new life in Scotland, she begins a long journey with an old woman wanting to go home before she dies. And when she does die, that leaves Eve alone in a strange land in the deepest of winter with wolves circling. Finding a small cottage for shelter, she feels she is safe until one Conall MacKerrick barrages in and demands she leaves as she is trespassing.

Conall MacKerrick believes his family and townsfolk are under a curse that a witch some years back placed upon their clan. When he loses his wife and child, he decides to leave town and find away to break that curse. He finds Evelyn in their cottage and orders her to leave. She tells him she is someone she is not in order to save her life. She is just what Conall needs to end the curse for good, but to what lengths is he willing to go?

Eve and Conall both have their reasons for the lies they tell each other. Yet as the long winter passes they become closer, but never reveal what each has hidden from each other. Eve becomes pregnant and soon finds out the truth. Hurt and betrayed, she reveals her truth. Now each is on a path alone or so it seems. In order for them to have true happiness, more secrets must be revealed and old hurts put to rest.

The Highlander is a very good read. It has an enticing plot. Such well grounded characters will entertain you with some twists and turns, and even a few surprises. You cannot help but enjoy Evelyn and Conall's story. The final book of the Medieval Warriors Trilogy will certainly not disappoint you. Wonderfully done, Ms. Grothaus.

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