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ISBN# 978-144199-164-65
April 2008
Cerridwen Press
230 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Shawn Walsh is a security guard for Arn Farnsworth. Shawn’s job is to watch over the old mill. Shawn does not want to be a security guard forever and especially with Farnsworth, but right now this is all he has. Shawn is a photographer, and he hopes to get back into the business by taking courses at the local college. But Shawn also has one major problem; he sometimes is filled with this feeling of nothingness. This nothingness came across once in some photos he had taken when he was a young boy. Shawn has been fine for a long time, but now working at the mill it has started it again.

Rhy Walsh and Dylan Ogden Smythe (Dos) are cousins of Shawn, both knew of the horror of his childhood with his stepfather. But between the three of them, they have all grown up closer more like brothers than cousins. When Shawn is spooked with some pictures he has developed both Rhy and Dos stand behind him, knowing the film itself had to mean something. But none of them knew what that film and the mill held in store of them.

When Shawn checks into the history of the mill he learns a lot of things, like how the mill was once an old theater that was set on fire 1904. And now Shawn is going to try and stop an arsonist that set the fire. The trouble is the arsonist is onto him, and he is trying very hard to kill Shawn. Shawn finds himself time-traveling and meeting people long dead. Shawn only knows that stopping this one fire, maybe he could save himself.

This is an exceptionally, spine-tingling, gut wrenching thriller that takes you by the seat of your pants and have you gripping your chair while you turn each page. From ghosts to time-traveling you are always entertained by the adventure and excitement of this plot excellent dialogue and fabulous description gives you a great seat up front to all that is happening. This is a phenomenal read, and I recommend it highly.

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