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ISBN: 978-0-345-48004-0
March 2007
Ballantine Books
The Random House Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10019
Trade Paperback
288 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Kate Hetherington is fairly happy. She is successful in her career and has great friends, but simply wants more out of life. Specifically, she is looking for her knight in shining armor. After many failed dates, she still classifies herself as a hopeless romantic.

Kate buys a book on an auction website entitled “The Hopeless Romantic’s Handbook” which comes with a money back guarantee that the reader will find love. Very shortly afterwards Kate meets Joe Rogers. It is love – or maybe lust at first site. Right away he shows an interest in Kate and she becomes smitten. Joe is an extremely handsome out of work actor who says and does all the right things. Unfortunately he is only out for one person – himself.

Kate cannot understand why her two best friends, Sal and Tom, do not like Joe. They want her to be happy, right? As Kate slowly pulls away from Sal and Tom, she finds herself betrayed by an evil co-worker, and the man she thought she was in love with. But love often arrives when least expected and she never dreamed who would be there to pick up the pieces for her.

The Hopeless Romantic’s handbook was so much fun to read. The dialogue is witty and quite British. The absolute best part is the characters, from the grumpy boss to the diabolical co-worker to the snake for a boyfriend, it is an all-star cast of colorful characters. The progression of the main character is awesome. She goes from being submissive to becoming a force to be reckoned with. She also finds that love is closer than you ever dreamed possible. With an ending as sweet as candy, Ms. Townley’s novel is simply delicious.

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