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ISBN# 978-1-60394-105-1
November 2007
New Concepts Publishing
187 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ashley has a full life as a single mother and respected scientist. Things are not going quite as well as they should. Someone has been going into her files at work and her daughter Mandy is asking questions about the father who did not want her.

Reese has never forgotten and ceased to regret the way he ended things with Ashley, and four long years later he is ready to get in touch with her again.

A scientist working on a top-secret device is in danger from those who would like to use the instrument for violent means. Her former fiancé comes back into her life to find that she has a child, the one he said that he would not give her. What he does not know is that Mandy is really his.

This book combines a fine contemporary romance with some paranormal and suspense elements. The characters are well drawn particularly Reese, Ashley and Mandy. They are three very strong willed characters making clashes inevitable. Reese resents that Ashley never told him of his daughter, even though he never told her of his first family and forbade her to have children with him. He does come through for her when she needs protection, and obviously loves her though he will not tell her so. Ashley is equally stubborn and a little naïve at times. Mandy steals the story and is adorable. The other characters are also vivid and the suspense part of the plot is very exciting. The paranormal element of the Peacewatchers and their descendents and Reese’s lost son Gabriel, sort of being a guardian angel for the family is unusual, but really fits in well with the story. I am hoping for a story about Reese’s brother and their neighbor next, I really liked those characters.

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