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Katzman Series
Book 1: The Katzman’s Mate
Book 2: Dream Mate
Book 3: Pride Mate

ISBN# 9781606012802/9781606012800
January 2009
130 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Commander Chellak Rai has finally won back the land of his people, thirty years after his father was murdered and his home taken over by Vedek. When he finds the previous ruler wants nothing other than to take the "bruter" with him, Chellak takes ownership of him to save the slave’s life.

Demyan loves his new master but knows he will be forever a slave. If anything happens to Chellak, his ownership will revert back to Vedek. As a "bruter", he is not allowed to be without a master.

Chellak and Demyan have feelings for each other and an amazing chemistry. But they have a lot of problems due to a lack communication and Chellak’s inability to listen. This is complicated further by the fact that Demyan is mute after Vedek’s son damaged his voice box. Chellak is an alpha male, but how can he keep Demyan safe and keep to the law that states no man can own a slave.

I have two things to suggest about Ketzman’s Mate. Have a big box of tissues and plenty of time, as you are not going to want to put this book down. It is full to the brim with the amazing lives of these futuristic men in a mysterious foreign world. Ms Glen has written a magical tale that will have you smiling through your tears while you want to teach the big macho alpha a lesson in listening.

Warning: This book contains GBLT scenes of an erotic nature.

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