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ISBN# 9780758225450
February 24, 2009
Kensington Publishing
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
Trade Paperback
$15.00 U.S./$17.95 Canada
500 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Isabel Thornleigh should not be thinking of treason, but it is on her mind. It is a matter of weeks before she weds, yet the reign of Bloody Mary brings havoc to her family. She never knew the chaos would break loose, changing their lives.

Carlos Valverde is a Spanish soldier of fortune in the middle of a court case when things go awry. The next thing he knows, things shift and he runs into Isabel. Seeing her conflict, he decides she needs to hire him to help with her father’s release.

Isabel panics when a skirmish mob moves into the city. The arrogant blackbirds behave as if they own the whole country. When her father is captured and imprisoned, Isobel rushes to find some means for his discharge. Running into Carlos was unexpected. Carlos wonders about the lovely woman, who is pleading for the release of Richard Thornleigh; she is too young to be his wife. She is someone he would love beseeching his cause. After coming to her defense, Isobel believes Carlos needs to look more like a manservant, so she manages to help him blend in. Carlos feels a deep desire for Isobel but with many plights confronting them, and her being betrothed, does he stand a chance with her? When destiny shifts in their pathway, he can only wonder if Isobel shares the same feelings.

Fresh and bubbling in rich history, this colorful cast will delight the reader in many ways. I found the love immeasurable between Isabel and Carlos as they desperately fight to survive in a time that is causing much division. The trepidation to find her father and get him out of prison really adds dimension to the story. This beautiful romance allows two troubled souls to blossom amidst the most trying of times. The King’s Daughter is a picturesque masterpiece. Barbara Kyle has composed a surmounting great read surrounding chaos, slaughter and excessive fighting, only to show how much people are willing to fight for what they believe.

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