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ISBN# (13)9781906811877
February 2009
Total E-bound
63 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Kylie McKenzie knew Royce was the man for her the moment she saw him. It was a hot romance that led to a marriage proposal. Unfortunately, after being bitten by a vampire, her life changed.

Royce Whittier lost his fiancée a year ago. She just split like a runaway bride, with no trace anywhere. Now, a year later, when he returns to Vegas for a poker tournament, he is surprised to run into Kylie.

Even after a year, Kylie still misses Royce terribly. After he checks into the hotel and prepares for the poker championship, Royce is certain he spies Kylie. She still has a way of melting his heart. No sooner do they greet each other, than Kylie is missing again. Royce learns Kylie is with the underground world of vampires and the Hunter is searching for her. With Kylie in danger, Royce will do anything to locate her and win her back, even if he has to use all his stakes in the poker game. After learning who he is up against, he never imagined that person to be the Hunter. Can Royce save Kylie in time, or will it be a loss hard to accept?

The Lady is a Vamp is a sizzling passionate read. The reader be warned, fingertips might get burned with the heat inside this story. Kylie and Royce are rich and vibrant and make the read interesting. Erika Scott creatively pens a roller coaster ride of events that kept this reader glued to the story, wondering would the two ever find that love they once had or would it be lost forever? I liked the premise of the storyline with the vampires and the underground, leaving a bit of mystery where Royce is concerned.

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