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ISBN # (10) 1-60370-010-2 / (13) 978-1-60370-010-8
April 2007
Torquere Press
178 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance, Fantasy
Rating: 4 cups

Scarlet, a pedlar by trade, has followed Liall to his homeland Rshan na Ostre. Upon reaching Rshan na Ostre she learns that Liall is a prince, son to the Queen. Even though Scarlet and Liall are lovers, Scarlet questions how long their relationship can last and fears he will eventually loose himself by staying with Liall. Scarlet doubts that he can be enough for Liall.

Liall the Wolf is a Kasiri bandit and chieftain in the lands of Rshan na Ostre. He was exiled from his homeland years ago and keeps the reason why a secret. Even his beloved Scarlet is unaware of the truth. By returning to Rshan, Liall is thrown back into the world of the decadent and jaded nobility. He fears for Scarlet and dangers that might befall him as they reside at the royal court.

Lovers Liall and Scarlet journey back to the land of Liall's birthplace. There they are greeted by hatred, intrigue and the dangers of an enemy who wishes to take over the throne of Liall’s mother. As Liall fights to help his mother and younger brother keep their rightful place ruling the land, Scarlet thinks Liall is slowly drifting away from him. He questions their coming to Rshan believing it could have been a mistake. Then, all secrets are revealed and Scarlet feels betrayed by Liall and questions their love.

Two men from different social backgrounds come together to form a powerful love. When half-truths, political intrigue and racially motivated mistrust emerges, their love is put to the test. Liall and Scarlet find themselves in a battle that could cost them everything. This is the third installment to Ms. Crow’s Scarlet and the White Wolf series and well worth reading.

Candy Cay
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books



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