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ISBN# (10)1594489174/(13)9781594489174
June 5, 2007
Riverhead Books (Penguin Books)
375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014
320 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Alice has spent her summers on Fire Island as long as she can remember. She enjoys the times she spends with Paul, and the moments she shares with her sister.

Riley is Alice’s older sister, a beach lifeguard and Paul’s best friend. Where Riley is more the tomboy type, Alice is the feminine one.

Paul enjoys the times he spends with Alice and Riley. After a couple of years of being away, he returns to settle up on things since his father’s decease, and get to know Alice a little more.

It has been two summers since Alice has seen Paul and she waits patiently for the ferry to arrive. Her sister Riley has other things to do and never has the time to wait and watch. Paul is Riley’s best friend and Alice is Riley’s younger sister. Alice is happy to see Paul again. Two years has been a long time and now they can catch up on memories. As young children, their magical world spread from the ocean to the bay. They remember the times when Paul would come over for breakfast in his pajamas and they fought over the good cereal. Paul knows that Alice has long held a loyalty to the Island, whereas Riley never had much of a choice. Paul felt the times would last forever. As Paul begins to lean on Alice, they form a closer relationship that has simmered through the years. Riley notices the way that Paul stares at Alice in a way he has never looked upon another woman. When tragedy strikes Riley, to the point of being on beta-blockers and antidepressants towering way over the height of a toothbrush, the three quickly are cast into learning values of friendship, love and losing dear ones. When Alice learns that Paul is leaving again, thoughts of her being a passenger on board and being the one waving bye enters her mind as life seems to change everyone.

The Last Summer (of You and Me) is a charming tale of three people that spins over years. From childhood to adulthood, Alice, Riley and Paul learn so much about life and through their eyes, things are not always rosy and cheerful as they get older. With self-discovery, they learn much about love and even pain, and heartache that make them see the world is not always magical and fun. Ann Brashares writes a cozy read that recaptures many memoirs that readers will share. Grab a chair, or take a stroll, along the beach with a blanket, and open up this delightful read that depicts interesting characters, beach air one can smell, and memories that will open doors to lovely days of old.

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