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ISBN # (10) 1933836369 / (13) 9781933836362
April 2008
Medallion Press
P.O. Box 48889, Tampa, FL 33647
$7.95 U.S./$8.95 Canada
330 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Baronesse Sabina von Ziegler has been cruelly imprisoned by her adoptive father whom she hates. He has kept her chained at the Castle von Ziegler his home. Now he has arranged a marriage for her and she will comply with his demands if she wishes to live. She only asked that her inheritance not be given to her new husband.

Master Wolfgang Behaim grieves over the death of his father. He worries about his printing business. He took apprenticeship at ten, before getting his own print shop, making him a master in the Guild. He must marry to gain financial help. Never wishing to marry again after the death of his wife, he agrees to a contracted marriage for financial purposes.

After being imprisoned and cast in a cloister by her adoptive father, Baron von Ziegler has taught Sabina not to trust men. She wishes the power the Baron takes for granted. Wolf frets over how his father died as well as his the success with his business. Sabina knows her only way of escape is marriage. As Wolf and Sabina enter the arranged marriage, the two slowly form a trust as they look to answers involving the Baron and circumstances involving the death of Wolf’s father. Neither knew the blissful passion they would discover once they opened their heart to the other.

This story is superb. It is one of those thrilling tales where even the dastardly villain makes the reader want to squash him. Sabina’s adoptive father is a true menace. I can understand why she would be leery in trusting anyone. Wolf has lost much and I could feel his pain as he tries to accept situations in his life with Sabina. The Legacy is a riveting story that explodes with tight action. It is an interesting plot with in-depth feelings that even pierced this reader’s heart. There are situations between this loving couple that made my heart leap for joy. Drama at its best, this is one overpowering, extraordinary tale.

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