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ISBN# 1599984784
May 2007
Samhain Publishing Ltd.
248 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Jewel’s only memory is of Sebastian, who finds her bruised and beaten. Jewel bonds with Sebastian immediately thinking he must be an angel as well as her savior.

Sebastian is a Wolverine and Captain of the Guard. From the moment he finds the unconscious woman he names her Jewel for both her beauty and the large purple stone she wears around her neck. He wants to protect Jewel and kill the man who hurt her.

A runner is sent to Evendria for clues to Jewel’s identity. When he returns he brings news there is a man there claiming Jewel is his betrothed. Jewel has begun remembering the man who nearly beat her to death and is terrified. Sebastian comes up with a plan which will both protect Jewel and thwart her would-be betrothed. However, things do not go as planned and Sebastian and Jewel, with help from the dragons Mynos and Malnan, must race against time to prevent the complete downfall of the kingdom. Will their love be enough to save them from a crazed lunatic bent on the destruction of all?

The Wolverine and the Jewel is a fairy tale with a kick! The relationships are well-defined and based on strong emotions. The kinship Mynos the dragon has with humans proves it is what is inside the heart which is important, not looks. The fight scenes are realistic in the extreme. Each and every action taken by the characters has a reason and moves the story along in a purposeful way. Ms. Goings is a master when it comes to characterization, and this reviewer felt as though she were actually living the lives of the characters. I highly recommend The Wolverine and the Jewel to all who enjoy their fairy tales with a dash of strong spice!

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