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ISBN# 9781439209578
January 2009
322 pages
Chick Lit, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Candace has two issues. Not only does her boss get on her last nerve but she cannot seem to find Mr. Right. Endless dinner dates with online losers at one of her favorite restaurants, Harlow's, fill her evenings. Her terrible dates led her to create The List. Apparently some good has come out of disappointment. The List consists of attributes and qualities of what she does and does not want in a man. As luck would have it, she accidentally bumps into a handsome guy after another awful date. He seems interested and has potential. After their first date at Harlow's, it seems he possesses each of the necessary qualities Mr. Right must have, according to The List. So why is she not quite satisfied?

Matt works at Harlow's. He has all the qualities of a good bartender. He listens to problems, makes a joke now and then, and of course delivers drinks. Quite a charmer, he takes breaks when he wants to, orders a round of drinks on him, and treats a desperate lady to a hunk of Harlow's prized Banana Chocolate Chocolate-Chip cake. He is good looking and a good listener.

It is Matt's listening skills that saved Candace from her last disastrous date. After an unsuccessful departure from the latest loser she was out with, he came to her rescue by distracting her dates' attention while Candace made a getaway. He was even around to see Candace’s date with the potential Mr. Right. But Matt is impressed with Candace and not intimidated by Mr. Right and begins to flirt with her. However, Candace sees Matt as only a blue collar worker, he cannot possibly match up to the corporate man she just snagged. But if that is the case, what is it about Matt that intrigues her? Can Candace be happy with a man who does not live up to The List?

The List is a downright funny read! Anyone who wants to find Mr. Right, has a list detailing the qualities of Mr. Right, and has actually been disappointed when a guy did not meet the criteria of your list must read this book. Having once lived in the suburbs of D.C. myself, I tried the dating scene and reported all of the horrific tales to my best friend. So I can relate to Candace and her frustrations! However this triumphant book assists the reader into actually thinking of putting away their list and enjoying the pleasures of dating...if only for a little while.

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