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ISBN# 10:0-7611-4216-9
March 6, 2006
Workman Publishing Company, Inc
708 Broadway, New York, NY 10003-9555
$12.95 U.S./$18.95 Canada
96 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

A good friendship always plays an important role in anyone’s life. It can consist of a close relation with a girl, or even forming a companionship with a male. Friendships can be priceless, and sometimes when formed, can be closer than a sister or brother. Trust is always important in any bonding, and when females find it, they realize how precious life can be with someone that dear. Especially when confronted with many of life’s pitfalls.

Take for instance, a dating experience. Everyone, I am sure, has had some sort of date in their lifetime. Some can be most pleasant, while others can unfold into disastrous moments. I have to admit while reading this book I loved the part where the one girlfriend phoned the other to tell her she would never guess what happened to her that day. When they got to chatting and then got together, I loved number 67 and then 76. Just reading about the girlfriends getting together, to plan the date, was enjoyable.

The List manages to show how one can get through good dates and bad ones, and find amusement while holding fast to patience in the search for that one perfect love, while maintaining one's sanity. The whole numeral list is rather catching, and when I got to number 781, I had to laugh out loud about the pet store. It was an ingenious thought and I found myself cheering. There were many others that I thoroughly enjoyed in this unusual love story that is quite entertaining.

The List is a book that I read more than once. Loaded with a glimpse at love, friendship, dates, shopping, and numerous other things, I loved the artistic sayings that were mentioned in the compact book that can easily be carried wherever a person goes. I could practically visualize the expressions on the cat's face throughout the book, especially when the girl was going through her closet. Ms. Stout takes a dynamite book and creates a dating situation that spins with great creativity. She has a way of pulling the reader into the numbers and feeling everything that spins around the whole dating process, along with a close-knit friendship. Along the way, Ms. Stout blends an exceptionally great list that is full of wit, honesty, and inspiration that makes this one tantalizing read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books