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ISBN# (10) 0-425-21916-X / (13) 978-0-425-21916-4
January 2, 2008
Berkeley Sensation
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014-3658
$14.00 U.S./$16.50 Canada
384 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Micah of Neroche will do anything to rescue Morgan; unfortunately he is in a struggle with his duty to kingdom and the feelings that stir inside his heart. He lied to her about being a farmer when he has ties to a throne. Now he must tell her the truth.

Morgan of Melksham is struggling to survive after given poison by Lothar of Wychweald. Her fate is that of a princess of Torr Dorainn and daughter of the black mage of Ceangail. Even though Micah has broken her heart, she thinks of him.

Tor of Neroche is under siege. It appears the kingdom is being attacked by mysterious magic. Micah wishes his brother, Adhemar, would pay more attention to his duties and the kingdom and perhaps the kingdom would not be in so much chaos. Of course Micah has been in his own mood lately himself. Fearing he cannot sense Morgan anymore, Micah searches for her. It does not take him long to learn she is inside Wedge’s tower at Gobhann. Scrymgeour Weger is well known as a swordsmaster and Morgan studied with him. Weger wonders what kind of business Micah has with Morgan. After seeing Micah again, Morgan does not know if she can trust a man who lied to her in the past. She would rather forget how he broke her heart. If they wish to form any blossoming relationship they must learn to trust each other, for anything to be successful in their life even if it means taking a huge risk.

The Mage’s Daughter is a splendid read that more than captivates the audience. In no time I was pulled into kingdom and thrones, and families torn apart by love, or duty and even battle. I must say I fell in love with Morgan and Micah. The secondary characters, as well as Micah’s brothers, are very interesting, too. When Morgan and Micah were inside Weger’s tower, I could visualize everything down to a simple footstep. It was a dramatic and unforgettable scene. Lynn Kurland skillfully crafts a tale that is magical, romantic, and thoroughly exciting. She draws her characters in a way they share in many emotions that makes this heart tugging read even more believable.

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