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ISBN# 978-0-9558789-0-9
May 2008
Olida Publishing
E-Book and Paperback
$25.72 U.S.
Fantasy/Young Adult
Rating: 4 Cups

James Peck learns that his father is gone. He left without saying good-bye. One would think after eleven years as his son, his father would have left him a note.

David Peck is married to Cathy. Whereas Cathy is always outspoken, and nagging, David is reliable, and sometimes a bit boring. They are quite the opposite.

It tore a hole in James’ heart with his father’s disappearance. He last saw his father at the ancient circle of stones on the Bruce Moor known as Jesus Rocks. While visiting the rocks, James is thrown into a mysterious journey when he discovers a dead animal. Mysterious prints and a goldfish, that is actually a wizard, needs James to touch his scales. His asthma hits hard when he worries over his father, but Mendel, the goldfish is able to make him better. But an evil force, by the name of Sleven, is trying to get a hold of Mendel. All Mendel wishes is to find a magic crystal to save them. Mendel is certain James’ dad has been taken captive by monsters but how in the world will James ever get his mum to believe such a story?

The Magic Scales is a story that will please not only children but adults as well. Sam Wilding sketches characters that almost grow on the reader. I love Mendel, the goldfish, and the quest he is on. The mother is something else, to say the least. It is hard for me to come up with one word to actually describe her. I was shocked how she thinks James almost uses his asthma as a crutch in a way. If anything, readers should read this delightful book just to see how a boy must deal with asthma while taking a magnificent journey on his own.

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