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The Rizzoli & Isles Series
Book 1  The Surgeon
Book 2  The Apprentice
Book 3  The Sinner

Book 4  Body Double

Book 5 Vanish

Book 6 The Mephisto Club

Book 7 The Keepsake

Book 8  Ice Cold


ISBN# 0-345-47699-9
September 12, 2006
Ballantine Books
1745 Broadway, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10019
$25.95 U.S./$34.95 Canada
368 Pages
Fiction (Thriller)
Rating: 4 Cups

Maura Isles is a Boston medical examiner investigating a gruesome murder.

Detective Jane Rizzoli is working on a most baffling case surrounding the satanic, after someone writes the word, ‘Peccavi’, across the dead woman’s wall with three upside down crosses and a series of cryptic symbols.

Daniel Brophy, Father at Our Lady of Divine Light misses the talks he once shared with Maura. After four months, he is surprised to see her enter the church building.

Joyce O’Donnell, psychiatrist, is a member of the sinister cabal known as the Mephisto Club, there is no love lost between her and Jane.

Lily Saul lives in fear, and the nightmares get worse. Her family has certain rituals that must be followed.

Maura had no idea why the music and sounds were drawing her into the church for Christmas Mass. It had been months since she actually visited and talked to Daniel. He, too, is stunned when she enters. Unfortunately, a phone call summons her to duty interrupting their time together when Jane phones about a murder. Lori-Ann Tucker, a twenty-eight-year old, is discovered in her apartment on Christmas morning with a strange Latin word scrawled across Tucker’s wall. Jane and Maura set out to try to understand why someone would scribble ‘I have sinned,’ in the young woman’s death. Not to mention the display of five black candles in a circle, with some severed limbs and satanic symbols arrayed in blood. They do not understand the significance of the severed limbs. Now they must diligently dissect the sinners from the innocent of suspects that seem to mount with their inquisition as more gruesome killings, and apocalyptic messages appear. They suspect someone involved with the Mephisto Club with Joyce possibly have a link to answers but refusing to reveal any information on who might be devising such wickedness on the innocent. When their search travels as far as Europe, more strange occurrences ensue when a woman, Lily Saul, believes a man who came from fallen angels is chasing her. The vice only grows worse as Maura and Jane frantically face an antagonist more dangerous than they ever imagined as they try to decipher the case where evil stalks.

The Mephisto Club is a fast-paced action thriller that keeps the reader definitely on their toes. Maura and Jane are both determined women who, even though baffled by the case, set out to find out who and why. The numerous secondary characters are so complex that it transports the reader into many lives and sundry situations that keep the pages turning. Ms. Gerritsen delivers a spellbinding tale that has the reader wondering what if someone that sinister could actually be in a foundation that could be so dastardly. She makes the story so genuine in every sense. Robust, vivid and riveting, this exhilarating read is not only well crafted but remarkably done as good conquers evil when Satan tries to live within many causing more iniquity than good in this intense, powerful drama.

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