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ISBN: 978-1-935013-33-4
September 2008
Wild Child Publishing
128 Pages
Mystery / Chick Lit
Rating: 3 Cups

Maggie Phillips is a homemaker extraordinaire. Give her a dust rag and a mop, and she is one happy camper. She could probably give Martha Stewart a run for her money, unfortunately in more ways than one.

Retired Navy Seal Neil Phillips is Maggie’s husband. The training he received in the Navy has probably given him the only coping mechanism strong enough to handle his wonderful wife. To say she is a bit high-strung is putting it mildly, but he loves her to death.

Being a stay-at-home mom is Maggie’s dream come true, but every once in a while she likes something more. Cleaning is a passion, and she loves to see her house sparkle in the sunlight. However, when her friend Sylvia railroads her into taking on a cleaning job for a rich neighbor, Maggie is less than thrilled. These people are more than a bit eccentric, but she agrees to give it a try. However when the bodies start piling up, Maggie knows that she is in way over her head. How does one middle-aged housewife find herself in the midst of a murder investigation? Her husband is ready to pull his hair out, but Maggie cannot just walk away. If she is a target, then her family is in danger, and nothing is more important than Neil and the boys.

This story is funny and full of life. Maggie is seriously high drama, and could probably use a really good therapist, but her quirky nature makes her character. Neil is her rock, and if it were not for him, she would probably go off the deep end. I must admit Maggie drove me nuts at some points in the story, with all of her tears and ranting and raving. However, this is a fun read, and Ms. Hart’s writing is wonderfully snappy and full of quick humor.

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