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March 28, 2008
The Wild Rose Press
360 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Kelly Michaels is a well-renowned romance author. Her novels are hot and steamy, even if her own love life is anything but. She is the single mother of two teenagers, so putting herself first is not even a consideration. The last thing she wants to do is strut her stuff at a writers' convention, but after some pushing and shoving from her best friend, Sharon, she relents.

Derek Calavicci is The Model Man. He poses for everything from commercials and magazines to romance novels. His physique has been his meal ticket for a long time, and the constant barrage of women wanting a piece of him is beginning to wear thin. There has always been one woman he would love to meet, and that is the author of the sexy romance novels he poses for.

Kelly is homesick. Her kids are with their father for six weeks, and she is stuck in a hotel full of clamoring fans, and half-naked male models. She feels completely out of place, even though she is one of the top-selling romance authors in the country. When Derek Calavicci requests a meeting with her, she is reduced to a stuttering fool. He has graced the covers of so many of her books, and is one the reasons for her amazing sales. He is stunningly gorgeous—what could he possibly want with her, a middle-aged mom? Derek finally gets the chance to meet Kelly. She is everything he pictured and more. He wants her in his bed, but getting her there turns out to be the biggest obstacle he has ever tackled. Hearing “no” from a woman is not something he is used to, and the chase is on. He very quickly learns a few things about himself and Kelly that have him reevaluating his life. This is one woman he is not going to get tired of, but convincing her of that is easier said than done.

This is a great example of not judging a book by its cover. Derek’s character is so much more than a pretty face, but stereotypes are difficult to overcome, and sometimes it is just easier to go with the flow. Kelly is extremely insecure about her body, and her worth as anything more than a mom and an author. Opposites attract, however, with Derek wild and carefree, and Kelly an introvert. It is the underlying strength in both, though, that really brings them together. I found myself cheering right along with Sharon for Kelly to “just go for it”, and groaning when she let her kids dictate her life and keep her from being a woman for a change. I enjoyed the story and would recommend this to any woman who thinks that being a female over forty with kids means an end to romance. It just is not so!

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