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ISBN# (10): 0-352-34172-6/ (13): 978-0-352-34172-3
April 3, 2008
Virgin Black Lace
Thames Wharf Studios, Rainville Road, London W6 9HA
$12.95 U.S./$14.50 Canada
272 Pages
Erotic Fantasies/Non-Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

If a survey were taken on today’s woman, statistics would say they are more open to what they desire in the bedroom. Sexual fantasies usually require a partner but thanks to the ingenuity of modern technologies, there are many pleasurable toys geared for the woman. Recently women had the opportunity to submit some of their fantasies to the Black Lace imprint of Virgin Publishing in the UK, and the result included some no-holds-barred collections of erotic confessions giving an educational insight to women’s desires.

Mitzi Szereto has compiled some fascinating tales of women’s upbeat fantasizes. These scrumptious stories spin creativity sending heated bliss throughout the pages. I was amazed at all the women, some housewives, single, married, library assistants, nurses, widows, just to name a few that expressed their hidden desires, and cravings. Women breaking from their shell while experiencing something absolutely delicious. She provides her audience an insight to some titillating encounters that proffer new innovation into the sexual culture in today’s society.

I love the examples mentioned in the book. One in particular, is Jeanne, a widow at 81, who fantasies the time she met a younger man. She wanted to show him a good time and invited him to a hotel room. He agreed, after meeting her in a pub. It was a time her lovemaking was boiling and one example every reader, I believe, will enjoy. Each story comes from real women, depicting how their bodies react to certain fantasies, while fulfilling their sexual passion. Some found sex best with their boyfriend, another with her husband, some from playing the schoolgirl, to being dominated, bringing complete ecstasy to exceed all delights.

Women’s Sexual Fantasies is a compilation of different stories told straightforward from the ages of 17 up to 85. Each woman shares a different lifestyle, routine and some surprising potentials for their imaginations. Ms. Szereto collected thousands of questionnaires posted to Black Lace, and from all the ones she read, she chose an interesting assemblage of stories. I was surprised by some, while others left me with my jaw dropping. She really outdid herself in this erotic assortment. I would say sit back, pull up a chair and get to know each of these women personally as you read their story. No one can say one fantasy is just like another after benefiting from this page-turner.

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