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ISBN# (10) 0-373-69269-9 / (13) 978-0-373-69269-2
July 2007
Harlequin Enterprises Limited,
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
$4.99 U.S/$5.99 Canada
236 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 cups

Deputy Sheriff Nick Rogers never imagined he would be in the middle of solving crimes not long after arriving in Whitehorse, Montana. His intentions were to keep a low profile but meeting Laney may prove otherwise.

Laney Cavanaugh comes to Whitehorse for two weeks at a time to spend time with her sister, Laci, at their grandpa’s home. Laci believes Laney should have been an actor or a writer instead of an accountant.

Since Nick has taken the job as deputy, two men have been assaulted outside a bar. The victim remembers seeing someone wearing a John Deere cap carrying a baseball bat. Laney finds a peaceful quiet when she visits Whitehorse. She and Laci have two weeks to reminisce. After seeing Nick, something about him clicks with Laney. Nick sees a man and woman outside his office and they appear to be quarreling. He steps outside to meet Maddie Cavanaugh and Bo Evans. Nick feels Maddie was on her way to talk to him, but she says otherwise. Nick suspects domestic abuse. Maddie assures everything is fine. After Nick attends a party in the town, he gets to know Laney a little better. The investigation is critical and being with Laney could compromise things about him being found out, but she makes him feel good. In the pit of his stomach, Nick also feels Maddie is in trouble. There is much to consider for Nick as well as Laney, as she learns her heart was possibility meant to stay in Montana, after being around a heartthrob like Nick.

The New Deputy in Town carries the reader into an intriguing read, in a small town, with fast-pace action and characters that spring forth from the pages. Nick and Laney ooze chemistry the moment they gaze at each other. He is a rugged deputy that really makes the heart throb. I like the way he cares for the people and tries to get to the truth. Nick is the right person to open up Laney’s heart and help her see the real beauty in life. B. J. Daniels spins a romantic suspense, with some twists and turns that make a small town come to life. I fell in love with the whole essence of the book. Thrilling and exciting, this suspense will leave the reader wishing to be right beside Nick and Laney.

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