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ISBN: 978-1-60435-003-2
August 23, 2007
Red Rose Publishing
113 Pages
Romance Suspense / Romance Adventure
Rating: 3 Cups

Cara Waters was a section office manager for Brownley/Spaulding Pharmaceuticals. She was young and innocent and in the perfect position to be used. To what extent would rock her world.

Dave Burkhart was playing a very dangerous game. The facts were not congruent with what his heart was telling him and it was driving him crazy. She was driving him crazy.

Cara was in love for the first time in her life. Buck Tarrant was everything a girl could want, so why did she get the feeling he was holding back? She soon found herself in a Mexican jungle running for her life with a man she barely knew. Dave Burkhart had spooked her on more than one occasion, and now he had abducted her. The intense race for their lives led Cara to the truth that she had been a complete and utter fool. She eventually realized where her heart truly lie and with whom. But would fate cruelly tear them apart before they ever became one?

This story brings a young woman face to face with her naiveté and her own mortality. Cara is swept up in the romance that Buck has showered on her and blindly ignores her inner voice. She comes to accept the truth and finally matures into a woman that listens with her head as well as her heart. Dave is determined to keep his heart firm against the feelings he has for Cara. Her innocence soon becomes all too clear and he knows that he is sunk. Cara and Dave start out as adversaries but soon become each other’s lifeline in a race for their lives. The characters I found a bit too stereotypical but the adventurous races through the jungle were great fun to read.

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