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ISBN # 1-55410-780-6
eXtasy Books
300 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Ally Brent is very powerful considering that she lives during a time when society does not think much of women having interests outside the home. She has forged a successful political career and tried her hand at marriage and having a child. However, she has one secret that can cause the loss of everything she holds dear; that secret is Clare.

Clare and Ally have been friends for a long time and Clare has always been there for Ally. Over the years, they have become friends, lovers, employer/employee and so much more. Clare has always remained in the background and has never thought of leaving because she loves Ally so much.

Ally has a breakdown because of the turmoil in her life. While searching for answers, she must deal many issues: her husband out to destroy her because his ride on her coattail ends, the accidents that happen to her daughter, her feelings toward Clare, and her now failing political career all must take center stage in order for her to become the woman she once was.

This is a heart-warming story that truly pulls you in from the beginning as a dying woman reflects on the most important things in her life. It tells a wonderful story of love, life, choices we make, and rights and wrongs. Ally Brent is a character I will not soon forget. Although the other characters are well defined, Ally's strength, class, and determination, is a true testament to all women. She is a beautiful person inside and out and gives of herself to everyone and everything. The Other Side is a book you will not want to miss.

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