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ISBN# E-book-978-1-60272- 224-8/Paperback-978-1-60272- 943-8
March 2008
Amber Quill Press
269 Pages
Fantasy / Action / Adventure / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Public Places / Series / Contains Some Gay (M/M) Content
Rating: 5 cups

Claudette is a common shop girl who dreams of one day having someone to love. She got into some trouble when she was fourteen, and was disowned by her parents. She has been alone ever since. Because this trouble had to do with a man, she now does not trust men at all.

Allan is a Prince who has been banished by his father the King because of some trouble he got into in another kingdom. His father allowed him to take one trunk and what little money he had on him at the time before he was unceremoniously dropped off in a small village with all the other commoners.

When Allan is dropped off in the village, he squanders away what little money he has in no time at all and then finds himself in the streets. It becomes clear in no time that his father has no intention of relenting and allowing him to return home. If not for Alex who gives him a roof over his head, he probably would have died. When Allan gets a job on the docks it is not long before he starts noticing some strange happenings. Since he was in charge of the docks when he was a prince, he knows all about them. He works to get proof so he can send it to his father who he hopes will then allow him to come home. One day on the job he loses the buttons on his trousers and is sent into town to have them sewn back on. It is there he meets Claudette, who becomes the love of his life in no time. However, Claudette does not trust men, and it is some time before she allows Allan to get close to her, though she feels the same. While they become close, Allan is afraid to tell her who he really is because she clearly despises the wealthy. However, it could all be taken out of their hands when Allan is viciously attacked by men who caught him spying on the job. Will he live to tell Claudette who he really is? Will Claudette forgive him for lying to her?

I honestly started out not knowing if I would like this book or not and then found myself glued to the pages, unable to stop reading until I had read the final page. All I can say now is WOW! The Pauper Prince is a real page-turner! There is non-stop action and mayhem from the very first page. The characters are spirited and so realistic that you find yourself relating to them very easily. The love scenes are highly erotic, but tender and emotion filled as well. This is one book that I have no problem giving my highest rating, and I highly recommend it to everyone!

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