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ISBN# Not Available
January 2007
The Wild Rose Press
32 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Detective Jack Carter is on his biggest murder case yet. When the ninth victim, in the Bicycle Chain murders is found dead, clues point to someone dear to him.

Vicky Peik works for Jack, has feelings for him and wants to help solve the case.

Jack is still trying to get over a divorce that leaves memories when he is called in on another murder with the same bruise pattern marred on the victim’s neck. The bruise marks and tiny chain cuts are gruesome and this time the victim is clinging to a paper bag with a pickle inside. Seeing the pickle reminds him of ex-wife Marilyn, who was always pickling something. He wonders will she always remain in his heart. Then there is Vicky, who seems to stir sensations he tries to put on hold. But now he must think on the case and that darn pickle. More importantly, who puts a pickle in a bag? After seeing Vicky working on some aspects to the case, he wonders about her real involvement. Leads point to a woman, but he feels no woman could sustain that much damage to a man. It is just a matter of time before Jack finds the killer or the killer finds him.

Not only is The Pickle My Little Friend a clever title, but the story itself is really well spun. I enjoyed the dialogue, the theme, everything surrounding the chain of events. The descriptions of Vicky and the way Jack’s thoughts of her enveloped his mind, really engages the reader. Evan Travane and Shawn Casey tell a story that is visual the minute the character of Jack enters the picture and begins his search. With a colorful cast, this read is a dynamic page-turner; one that I was engrossed in from the start.

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