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ISBN# 0-5055-2727-8
December 21, 2007
Dorchester Love Spell
200 Madison Avenue, Suite 2000, New York, NY 10016
350 Pages
Historical Vampire Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Paloma loves to dance. In the middle of one of her tranquil moments of dance, she hears wolves then sees an intruder entering the ruins. She immediately takes shelter, not only from the growling wolves but the man who approaches the old burnt-out manor.

Milosh, of Moldovia, returns to the Abbey. It has been his first visit since it was under siege by vampires. As a vampire, he has searched for centuries for those just like him. When he sees the lovely damsel, his desire for hunting grows stronger.

For centuries Milosh has allowed nothing to interfere with his purpose, which is probably why he is successful. After he returns to the Abbey and he gets sight of Paloma, there is a strong attraction he cannot release. Afraid that she may be in danger, he searches for her in hopes to teach her how to survive the land. He feels that she may be in danger when his arch enemy finds him and Milosh does not wish her harmed. Paloma does not trust anyone until she meets Milosh, and she drops her defenses. Milosh wishes to protect her from not only the wolves, but any approaching enemies, but one moment of weakness could cause further peril for them.

The Ravening is a work of art, extraordinary and fantastically created. I love the banter between Paloma and Milosh. This is really a rich tale that captivates and surrounds the reader in the whole ambiance of the landscape of events. Dawn Thompson instills magic and romance in this dynamic story that holds the reader on the edge of the seat. This highly recommended read has all the elements of intrigue and passion that really hooks the audience, with characters that spring into action. There were moments that I was in awe. The illustration of the full moon, the vampires, the castle, and the way Milosh calls her his 'little thief' is truly elegant.

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